Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter with stopped flow


Jasco J-1500
  • Water-cooled Peltier Thermostatted Stopped-flow Accessory
  • Temperature range -100C to 1100C -wavelength scan measurement
  • Time Scale: up to 24 days (576 hrs.)
  • Spectral range- 163 to 1600 nm
  • Solid state (powder) CD measurement accessory
  • ORD attachment
  • FDCD PMT detector for Fluorescence measurement
  • Simultaneous Multi Probe measurements (SMP)- CD, Absorbance and Linear Dichroism (LD) measurement at the same time.
  • Software- Spectra Manager 2 o
  • Applications: Studies of protein secondary and tertiary structure with variable pH, temperature and time. Stereochemical analysis of peptides, DNA and other biomolecules. Nucleic acid and proteins folding studies at ms time scale
  • In charge: Prof. Amita Ravikumar

    Contact: 020 - 25622708
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Charges for CD Spectropolarimeter Analysis: